Zirkonart point

Participate and enjoy the privileges reserved for ZirkonArt point affiliates

Zirkonart brings back the dental technician, a human element, an essential figure for the realization of the state of the art of the artefacts in Zirkonia. Work protocols and precautions details in order to achieve the best performance with our materials. A staff of specialist teachers coordinated with the parent company, will take care of the necessary roles in pre and post education based on the level and competence. sale of Zirkonart products.

“Those who fall in love with practice without science are like the helmsman who enters a ship without rudder or compass, who never has certainty about where to go “

Leonardo da Vinci


For the laboratories that wish it there may be the possibility to apply as a Zirkon Art Point.

The Zikon Art Points will be managed directly by the parent company and will have to identify a person in their staff from to be able to support our instructors to be trained and educated to become a Zirkon Art Tutor.

The Zirkon Art Tutors (within their time limits) must be available to offer their telephone consultations to colleagues or to Zirkon Art dealers who request it.

The Zirkon Art Points must make their facilities available for any upcoming courses or demonstrations previously agreed and planned with the parent company.

Finally, the Zirkon Art Tutor who has been selected must give his availability for all the meetings and courses of update where he will be invited to participate.