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What is Zirconia?

The name zirconium derives from the Arabic word "Zargun", "of golden color". Zirconium is a natural element with an atomic number of 40 and is a transition metal found naturally in the mineral zircon.

Purified zirconium is a corrosion resistant silver metal and has properties similar to those of titanium. In combination with oxygen, it forms zirconia, a strong and highly biocompatible ceramic. Zirconium was first discovered in the 18th century. v is very important. The zirconia crown will not only replace a tooth, but can be shaped to look better than the one it will replace.

Benefits of zirconia compared to other materials:

  • Appearance: Because the zirconia is naturally white, it allows the tooth to be transformed into any shade to match the rest of the teeth. Zirconia is translucent, so it mimics the translucency of natural teeth.

  • Safer Smile: Zirconia has no metal coating on the gums. Metal-cast porcelain crowns were popular earlier, however they have a metal layer underneath the porcelain layer that sits on top of the crown. This metal is usually visible on the gum line. This is most evident when you smile. Zirconia crowns help you overcome this and increase your confidence.
  • 100% biocompatible: allergy to zirconia crowns has not been reported so far.

  • Extraordinarily Durable: Zirconia is the strongest crown, it can resist wear. It does not splinter, unlike porcelain. If you keep it right, it can stay in your mouth forever. It is at least five times stronger than porcelain or metal fused porcelain. It also tolerates chewing or biting forces well. It has a very high flexural strength.

  • Many people preferred gold crowns for its excellent physical properties. However, some people don't like having metals in their body. Zirconia is best suited to them.

What is the price of zirconia?

Zirconium is the most expensive type of dental crown at the moment but the longer life, natural appearance and biocompatibility come with a price and benefits that in the long run save.