ZirkonArt offers its customers a constantly evolving training course

The advent of new aesthetic materials changes the approach to the work of today’s dental technician, where knowledge and specific skills make the difference.

ZirkonArt Didattica offers the assistance and support necessary to achieve the desired quality in its laboratory.


teaching staff


Maurizio Ceccarelli
Scientific coordinator and academy teacher

A pioneer of zirconia in Italy with irrefutable experience and culture acquired in over 30 years of practice on ceramic materials and 20 on dental zirconia, developer of ZirkonArt since 2017.


Mario Gargiulo
Referent and academy teacher

His twenty-year experiences on matal free materials make him an avant-garde technician, esteemed and appreciated for his creativity and the quality of his work in the most complex cases.

Fabiano Mor
Referent and academy teacher

His skills, his tenacity and his passion for this work make him over the years one of the most respected and appreciated technicians both for his precious availability and experience and for his courses.


Alessandro Arnone
Referent e docente academy

A technician with a capital T, still young and a son of art with a lot of passion and desire to do, a true artist who for the quality of his work has gained recognition internationals of the highest importance.


Upon request, the ZirkonArt teaching staff can carry out personalized support services, training or courses aimed at your staff at your operational headquarters; and if required it can intervene in your specific production needs.


The courses are aimed at those who want to take their first steps in deepening the techniques, on the use of zirconia and its correct finalization of the product.


The ZirkonArt Academies are the Cultural and Operational Centers where courses, educational and training meetings and institutional presentations are held for our customers, our Speakers and our Tutors, where, depending on the events, invited Referents or guests of ZirkonArt.


The aim of the meetings is to know and deepen the various themes and various working and production techniques.
Meetings Speakers are high-level professionals who have dedicated and dedicate a large part of their lives to this complex and delicate work.